Support - How to - How to record tv video, radio from

Flv Recorder is a brto tv video recorder which can help you to record brto video clip easily, capture video and audio from

Step by Step:

1.Download the latest version flvrecorder, and install it.

2.Run FlvRecorder, and click the "Options" button, open "Options" dialog

3.Click "List" button, and open "Adapter List" dialog.

4.Select the adapter which you connect to Internet, and click "OK" button

5.Return FlvRecorder main window, click "Start" button and start to record stream video and audio.

6.Open website, and play tv video and radio which you want to record.

7.Wait a second, FlvRecorder start to save tv video and radio to PC.

NOTE: DO not close the webpage when FlvRecorder are recording.




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